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-Patio Roofs

Patio Roofs are a huge improvement to any property. They create a comfortable living / entertaining area while blocking out natures elements such as the hot sun & rain. 

At Pima Quality Construction, we can design, permit and build a new Patio Roof to suit your exact needs. 



A Carport will add a wealth of value to your property that pays for itself by protecting your vehicles from the sun & rain. Here in Tucson, we reach temperatures in the triple digits. These harsh conditions can damage both the outside & inside of your vehicle over time. Give us a call here at Pima Quality Construction and let us design, permit & build you a new Carport to protect your vehicles for years to come.



-Storage Sheds / Workshops

Storage Sheds work wonderful for protecting your personal items. Pima Quality Construction can design, permit & build a storage shed to fit your exact needs. Whether it be a simple 5' x 8' shed to store your tools in, or a large 20' x 35' full-on workshop equipped with doors, windows, shelves & electrical, you can trust us to do a quality job.


Dumping Gravel

-Grading / Decorative Gravel

Here at Pima Quality Construction, we have 25+ years of heavy equipment experience. We offer grading, removal of old dirt / rock, new decorative gravel, land clearing, trenching, etc. 



-Concrete / Block / Brick

Pima Quality Construction also offers block, concrete, footings, & brick services. We can pour slabs, pour footings, build retaining walls, garden beds, ledges & more.



-Ramps / Steps / Decks

Whether it be a new handicap ramp, stairs or a full on new patio deck, Pima Quality Construction has the tools, man power and skill to build a new structure to fit your exact needs.


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