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Wood Patio Roofs

Here at Pima Quality Construction, we started out in 2017 focusing on building Quality, Wood-Framed Patio Covers in Tucson.

From design, to permit's, to build; we handle it all.

We always use high grade building materials, & attention to detail in every cut.


Patio Roofs are generally built in 1 of 3 ways:

1) Free Standing

2) Attached by Ledger

3) Attached on House Wall

Keep reading below for specific info about each type.


Free Standing Patio Roofs / Carports

Free Standing Patio Roofs are self supported and can be built anywhere. They are useful to shade things such as Jacuzzi's, BBQ areas, picnic / lunch areas, entertaining areas, vehicles, playgrounds & more.

See below some Free Standing Patio Roof / Gazebo's we recently completed.


Attached By Ledger Patio Roof's

Attached by Ledger Patio Roofs are built with one end being supported by an existing building. We install a 'ledger board' to the building and frame our roof out from there.

These types of Patio Roofs are more common on the newer "stucco" style homes, 2 story homes and homes with high ceilings.


See pictures below of some recent Ledger style Patio Roofs we completed:


Attached by Sitting on House Wall Patio Roofs

Attached, Sitting on House Wall Patio Roofs are built with one end sitting on top of the existing house wall. We remove the existing roof overhang, and rest the rafters on top of the existing wall, right next to the existing roof rafters. This creates a smooth transition to tie the existing roof to the new roof, as if it was built that way from the start. This type of Patio Roof is more common in older built and/or 1 story homes.

See pictures below of some recent projects using this method: