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1 - Attachment Type

Choose between a ledger attachment, house wall attachment or free-standing.

For more info on the different attachment types, click HERE.


2 - Length / Depth

Choose the desired length/depth of your patio roof. Depth is the measurement perpendicular to your home or building.

3 - Width

Choose the desired width of your patio roof. Width is the measurement parallel to your home.


4 - Lumber Size & Type

Choose between 4x & 6x lumber. This is how wide your posts and beams will be.

4x is the most affordable, 6x is a nice upgrade.

Choose the type of finish you want on your hardware. Galvanized is most affordable and can easily be painted over.

Powder Coated is a nice easy upgrade.

5 - Hardware


Powder Coated



Concrete Slab

6 - Foundation

All buildings need a strong foundation to rest on. The foundation supports the total weight of the structure (dead load) & also helps prevent uplift from high winds (especially micro-bursts).

You can choose between footings only, full concrete slab or existing concrete if you already have the concrete in place.

Footings Only


7 - Paint

Would you like us to paint your new patio cover?

Painting is highly encouraged because it protects the lumber from the sun, rain & wind.

This option includes (1) coat primer & (1) coat paint.

We always use the highest quality paint products!

8 - Building Permits

9 out of 10 times, a building permit is generally required by the local jurisdiction.

We can handle the entire process such as:

  • Producing the construction drawings & site map

  • Obtaining the building permit

  • Passing all required inspections

  • HOA approvals


We hope you found this page helpful and encourage you to please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Thank you.

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